Laminated Wooden Flooring - FAQ

As floors at home / office may have become old due to age, unpleasant on looks, (changes are good for Home / office - work space ) Given the easy to choose from colours on availability and – 'Quick Overlay' by our technical team, within the minimum of time factor, you can get it done.

(*Based on field reports and feedback from end users, it is known that wooden flooring saves on Energy, on air conditioner appliance usage. It saves the bill cost by its effectiveness, hence the flooring for purpose is well met, that too within a budget).

Action Tesa is the first manufacturer of laminate wooden flooring in India, making products most suitable for, varying Indian climatic conditions, unlike other available products in the market.

YES, on both counts..! The spend by cost of replacing the present floor Tile / mosaic or any other floor also laying fresh in new construction may need a lot of time with money, is saved by getting wooden flooring done.

Can be laid on any present floor, as a top layer. Wooden flooring can be removed and reinstalled at wish ( you can get it relayed again and again)... since No Glue used or No breaking or spoiling of the present floor, No damage assured to the present floor. It's for sure.

Our Action TESA HDF laminate Flooring does serve as a Decorative Flooring, technologically, for being a superior product, it behaves as a neutral layer* when as an over-lay done, on any floor surface, protecting our feet to maintain a uniform body temperature , in any climate.

Starts at Rs 85/- onwards... measured for cost by a sq.ft basis.... you have to add for the accessories cost such as skirting, profile, quarter rounds for wall ends, tax, laying cost, depending on site conditions...Rs 125/- could be a price idea., more or less it depends on site conditions. Our laminate wooden flooring is reasonably priced for larger population to benefit the usage and comfort.

Wooden flooring products of ACTION TESA BRAND are MOLTEN WAX COATED at their edges, a unique feature. (Unlike other materials as for the competition ) our ones are 100% water resistant because of the above reason. The joints have a 'Unique Isometric Locking System too, to ensure long life from moisture and water seepage, at the extent.

As per tests conducted under laboratory test conditions*(Water should not be left on surface for more than ideal situation of 5Hrs*) by proper care & maintenance, the product will last longer and longer.

ACTION TESA BRAND products have value for money, with warranty for 10 years on – AC3 Grade, 20 years on – AC4 Grade.

ACTION TESA BRAND products are made from Indigenous wood grown for the flooring purpose, from Eco-friendly forest and has a certification from IGBC ( Indian Green Building Council).

They are 100% borer insect proof, Impact Resistant, Hygienic, Environment friendly, Termite Resistant, Anti-Bacterial Treated, Stain Resistant, easy on cleaning and require simple & good on routine maintenance.

They are SAFE for crawling infants, good for children on any unexpected fall on floors and no hurting while at play, Comfortable to feet for Youth & Elderly and pleasant by looks, to one and all.

The FSC score issued on brand ACTION TESA, (For more details visit : No. C118132 ) as a mark to our responsible forestry it reflects, is sufficient enough for the buyers to have confidence in us, while purchasing our products.

The products on your purchase comes with an 'Installation Manua'l with advice on Cleaning & Maintenance and guides on easy to adopt instructions 'for Users'. Hence, ACTION TESA wood laminate flooring in reality assures, many & many years of pleasure and satisfaction, is evident.