IPE Decking & Cladding (Solid Wood Decking)

IPE has a benefit that makes it the world's premier decking material. With genuine beauty and durability, IPE decking will stand up to harsh climates and resist problems such as insect damage, mold and decay. Architects and Interior designers across the globe feature, IPE wood in many high-end homes and applications.

Cost effective, durable and easy to install, IPE deck tiles are a great way to add style to the project. Well suited for outdoor use, these tiles will age to a beautiful silvery finish or maintain their color when an outdoor sealer is used.

The Characteristics are basically with a Dark brown or reddish brown walnut color. IPE wood decking has a fine to medium texture.

Common Uses: Decking, flooring, siding, docks, interior wall panels, sunrooms and many others.

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